More importantly, you can focus on what matters most– running your business. It’s easy to get distracted by all of the details in running your business, but when it really comes down to it, your expertise is construction, not running a computer, fretting over spreadsheets, or worrying over material price estimates. By outsourcing your estimating process to construction estimating services, you can ensure that you’ve got plenty of time to keep your business running in the black instead of running over budget–again.


You don’t have to chase down material price changes. Copper’s up, steel’s down and aluminum is bouncing like a yo-yo. Whatever is happening with your material prices, you don’t have to be the one chasing those prices, spending hours trying to get and track the latest price sheets from your clients. Nor do you have to spend days agonizing over every detail in your estimate that is likely to be inaccurate. Simply turn over the plans on the latest project you’ve discovered and let the construction estimating services handle it for you.


You save money in the long run. Construction estimating services not only save you money by reducing overhead, but they also save you money by delivering accurate estimates that ensure projects are completed under budget. Reducing overhead and completing projects on or under budget will increase your net profit margins, so you can channel that cash into investment in your business, i.e., making it easier to invest in that new boom lift, power tools, on-site computer cabinet or any number of other new assets that will help you get ahead in a highly competitive market.


You don’t have to be an IT genius. Goodbye software updates and training! Instead of spending a lot of time trying to install updates, figure out tools or simplify your estimating process without oversimplifying the pricing structure, you can focus on getting the job done, whether that involves drumming up new projects to estimate or simply working on the projects you’ve already won. Let the estimators with decades of construction estimating experience keep on top of the changes while you get back to making a profit.


When you outsource construction estimating, you’re not paying an idle estimating team. Instead of waiting for you to provide more projects for them to estimate, the construction estimating service simply goes on to its next customer’s projects, then gets back to your next set of projects when you provide them. You’re not paying estimators to simply sit around killing time without bringing in any profit; you’re paying them to work. Why keep idle estimators on the payroll with expensive benefits and taxes when you could instead pay a service that only charges you when they’re working?